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Schnitzel Hub Oktoberfest
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Schnitzel Hub: A Traditional German Oktoberfest Celebration

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With Oktoberfest just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the week-long event than with this go-to schnitzel spot, Schnitzel Hub? Walking into the restaurant we were greeted by owner Rita, who without a second thought, offered us a drink. Upon asking for a regular coffee, Rita, in classic Oktoberfest-fashion, insisted we had a beer. Never too early for a midday beer, right?

schnitzel hub pretzels

Getting the Oktoberfest party started early, we sat down with Rita over a couple of beers to learn about how Schnitzel Hub came to be. “My husband Yan, is a chef and has been working for many years in hotels and restaurants. He gained enough experience to open his own restaurant,” Rita explains. While thinking of concepts for their own place, their son expressed his love for schnitzel, and asked if he could “live in Schnitzel Land.” Thinking that Schnitzel Land would be a great place—to eat and live—Rita and Yan opened their first restaurant in 2008, naturally named Schnitzel Land.

schnitzel hub restaurant

“We want to feed everyone.”

Schnitzel Land became Schnitzel Hub when they decided to evolve the restaurant into a more upscale schnitzel spot with a modern twist: German imported beers, customizable schnitzels, and upgraded appetizers. “You can customize your meal from the meat to the toppings,” including eggplant schnitzel as a vegetarian option. “We want to feed everyone. [We have] eight or nine schnitzels on the menu, including weekly specials. We have chicken, veal, pork, and eggplant schnitzel, that you can customize the toppings with, turning each it into a different meal,” says Rita.

schnitzel hub chef

Schnitzel Hub Chef

“We bring lots of extra stuff [in] for Oktoberfest. People go crazy for it.”

We were eager to get to Schnitzel Hub’s favorite time of the year–that is, Oktoberfest. “We bring lots of extra stuff [in] for Oktoberfest. People go crazy for it.” This year, “the Oktoberfest sponsor is Hacker Pschorr”—quality German beer featured on tap. “We have pretzels, different sausages, sauerkraut, schnitzels, potato salad, and spaetzle”, which are all available on their Oktoberfest menu on our platform. Sounds like the perfect recipe for an exciting (and delicious) Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest menu

“Platterz brought us to the next level. Before even opening [our] restaurant doors [in the morning] you can already sell large amounts. It’s a big benefit.”

Being right across the street from Platterz headquarters, it was natural for us to connect. We started working together early on, after discovering them in our own backyard. “Platterz brought us to the next level. Before even opening [our] restaurant doors [in the morning] you can already sell large amounts. It’s a big benefit,” states Rita on our longstanding relationship. “It used to take me hours with clients to book catering. It would take us two days to feed offices with dietary restrictions. It saves a lot of energy, and is a great thing.” Our platform makes it easier on our caterers and customers to accommodate dietary restrictions, while also creating custom meals with our advanced meal builder technology. We were thrilled to hear Rita’s feedback, knowing we have made it easier for her.

Schnitzel Hub schnitzel

Bring on the pretzels, spaetzle, and schnitzel. So as they say in Munich, ‘ein prosit!’



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freshly mixed cocktails
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How To Host The Happiest of Office Happy Hours

Summer is commonly known as Post-Work Drink Season, Patio Season, Leave-The-Office-Early Season, but here at Platterz, we call it Happy Season. What happens during Happy Season you might ask? For starters, they key is narrowing it down to an hour. That peak hour between 4:00pm-5:00pm on a Friday in August: one of—if not the most—happiest hours of the week. The team is preparing to head out of the office for the weekend, and people are starting to wind down after a week of hard work. We can’t think of a better way to kick off the anticipated weekend than with an office happy hour! Here are a few tools to help you plan the joyous occasion—that is, a Friday afternoon.

First things first: mark your calendars.  


It goes without saying that no one wants to have meetings late on a Friday afternoon. Just incase, it’s important to have this hour booked in your team’s calendar well in advance. If you’re looking to get creative, try out Canva, the super easy, super FREE web program that allows you to customize invitations. The best way to entice coworkers to attend (aside from the beverages and great company) is to make the invite clear, concise and most importantly, catchy.

Get mixing.   

Coworkers drinking at office party

Before you get to mixing the cocktails, it’s key that everyone in the office gets to mix and mingle with one another. This is, in fact, what Platterz preaches every single day. To ensure that all employees are chatting not just amongst their respective teams, but with all of their coworkers, introduce a few interactive games and/or activities.  Try these conversation starters to help break the ice. Have you ever heard of Two Truths and a Lie? Or, liven things up with old-school Music Bingo. There are so many ways to bring everyone together to collaborate, compete and communicate.

When hunger strikes, opt for light bites.  

Cheese platter
4pm hits and the late-afternoon cravings kick in. The problem? You don’t want to spoil yours or anyone’s appetite for dinner. The solution? Plan ahead with a few bite-sized snacks and appetizers for your whole office to enjoy. For the elevated audience, pair wine with a cheese platter and fresh fruit. If your team is more of the cocktail crowd, how about an assortment of dips and canapés? Don’t worry if your office prefers the casual classics like sliders, pizza and chips. There’s more than enough for them too.

Last, but most definitely not least: the beverages.  

Glass of beer
A pop-up bar? Yes, it exists. The easiest way to host an in-office, out-of-the-box happy hour is to bring the bar (and bartenders) to you through a bar service, such as SIPBAR. This includes certified bartenders, selections of craft beers, quality wines, premium spirits and custom cocktails—so custom that you can bring in a mixing station for your team to participate! Or, if you’re on a tight budget and plan to keep it low-key, visit the nearest liquor store and pick up a few cases of locally brewed beer or ciders. You can even think up a themed mocktail, or spruce up sparkling water; there are endless alternatives to alcoholic beverages. Happy hours should appeal to everyone in the office, because after all, they’re synonymous with bringing people together during the best time of the week!

By implementing these four core elements into your office happy hour, you’ll end up with the reputation of being the office host with the most. Now we’re talking.

Want to turn your happy hour into happy hours and interested in planning your next office party? Platterz is here to help, so contact one of our Event Specialists to chat next steps.

Keep an eye out on FEED and on our social channels for a deep dive into how SIPBAR quickly became the one-stop beverage-shop that your event can’t live without.